As Meta’s decision to close Workplace leaves organizations searching for a new employee communication app, Interact CSO Scott Hitchins makes the case for upgrading to a platform that offers more than just a social media-like experience.

In a strategic shift that surprised the enterprise collaboration landscape worldwide, Meta recently announced its decision to shut down its Workplace platform.

The company’s official announcement stated that its enterprise social network offering will remain fully functional until August 31, 2025, giving customers a little over a year to transition to a new solution. After that date, users will have read only access until May 2026, before the platform is permanently shut down on June 1, 2026.

For the organizations currently relying on Workplace as their primary internal communication and collaboration tool, this news undoubtedly has significant implications.

The prospect of migrating to a new platform, retraining employees, and potentially losing valuable data and content is enough to make any business leader or IT manager break out in a cold sweat. But while the termination of Workplace may feel like a major disruption, it also presents an opportunity to reevaluate your organization’s needs and explore new solutions.

An intranet can help solve your organization’s toughest challenges

Discover 23 reasons why an intranet is mission critical for your entire workplace in this free guide.

The platform that replaces it should be an investment that will support your organization’s communication, collaboration, and employee engagement goals not just for the next year or two, but well into the future.

For those looking for an alternative to Workplace from Meta, Interact is a compelling option to consider. Not only does Interact provide a robust social intranet that replaces Workplace’s features, it also offers significant additional capabilities that make it a major upgrade.

Why Interact is a powerful Workplace from Meta alternative

Interact offers powerful employee communication tools embedded within a purpose-built, modern intranet that allows teams to strengthen connections, build culture, and drive engagement across the organization. Familiar social features let employees stay up to date on company conversations, collaborate on projects, react to posts from colleagues, and stay informed on important updates.

Interact’s social intranet features offer a seamless alternative to Workplace from Meta, with capabilities that include:

Social newsfeeds

Real-time activity updates allow employees to like, comment on, and share posts while staying informed about what’s happening across the organization, fostering transparency and engagement.

Rich profiles

Employees can showcase accomplishments, skills, and roles through features like endorsements and visual badges on their profile. This allows colleagues to easily identify internal subject matter experts.

Peer-to-peer recognition

Employees can acknowledge colleagues who have gone above and beyond using a points-based rewards system, which can then be redeemed for perks.

Forums, messaging, and communities

social communities on an intranet

Employees can connect with each other around shared interests, projects, or events using these collaborative spaces. Integration with messaging apps enables real-time communication.


Users can share insights and expertise by authoring blog posts on the intranet. This can help surface knowledge that may otherwise be siloed. Embedded AI features help even the most reticent authors create compelling content.

Pulse surveys

intranet employee pulse surveys

Pulse surveys give leaders a quick and easy way to gather  meaningful feedback from employees, helping to gauge sentiment, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions so organizations can stay attuned to the needs and concerns of their workforce.

Idea Management

With Interact’s idea management solutions, employees can share their insights and suggestions for improving products, processes, and the overall employee experience. By crowdsourcing innovation, organizations can uncover creative solutions to business challenges and foster a greater sense of ownership and investment among employees.

Social Advocacy

The Social Advocacy feature of Interact empowers employees to become brand advocates, sharing company news and marketing campaigns on external platforms to increase awareness of key initiatives. It even allows employees to easily share job vacancies with their professional networks to help recruit top talent.

And for intranet managers, Interact provides moderation capabilities to help ensure the ongoing quality of user generated intranet content, such as a unified dashboard with filtering options to streamline the process of monitoring and responding to posts and comments.

Beyond Workplace social features

Interact includes a broad range of social functionality, and the possibilities don’t end there. A host of other features are available within the Interact platform to enable effective communication, collaboration, and connection across the digital workplace.

From employee directories that help people find and connect with the right colleagues, to policy management tools that ensure everyone has access to the latest guidelines and procedures, to employee mobile apps that keep employees engaged on the go, Interact is designed to be a one-stop-shop for every internal communication and employee experience initiative.

An intranet can help solve your organization’s toughest challenges

Discover 23 reasons why an intranet is mission critical for your entire workplace in this free guide.

With Interact, organizations can also accommodate different preferences for engaging with internal content. Desk workers, for instance, may gravitate toward platforms they frequently interact with on their work computers, such as Teams or Slack, while frontline workers may be more receptive to digital signage and employee apps.

This makes it possible to share updates in engaging formats like asynchronous video in the most effective way for every employee. By leveraging multiple touchpoints, you can cater to the varying preferences of your workforce and maximize the impact of your internal communications efforts.

What’s more, Interact tools are augmented by powerful artificial intelligence that makes the platform smarter and more intuitive over time. Interact’s AI can do everything from generating and personalizing content, to analyzing sentiment and suggesting improvements.

The platform learns from each individual’s behavior and preferences to surface the content, people, and tools that are most relevant to them. It can even translate communications instantly across multiple languages, allowing organizations to communicate and collaborate at scale, while still delivering highly relevant, targeted experiences to every individual. This makes the intranet feel like a customized solution for each employee, which in turn influences them to visit and contribute more to the platform since it feels tailored to their needs.

As engagement and adoption rates soar, Interact provides rich analytics and reporting capabilities that give admins visibility into exactly how the intranet and internal communications are performing. You can see which content is resonating, which channels are most effective, and where there are gaps or opportunities for improvement.

These insights allow users to continually refine and optimize an internal comms strategy based on real data and make informed decisions about where to focus.

20 years of commitment to service and innovation

Interact has been at the forefront of the intranet market for two decades. We have a long track record of building innovative employee engagement solutions, constantly evolving our product to meet the changing needs of our customers.

We pride ourselves on being a true partner to our customers, providing unrivalled consultation, training, and support services. When you choose Interact, you gain access to a team of intranet and employee experience experts who are dedicated to your success. We also have a thriving customer community where you can connect with and learn from other intranet leaders.

Interact can provide hands-on support throughout the implementation process and beyond, offering strategic guidance, best practices, and troubleshooting assistance. This support ensures a smooth transition and high adoption, allowing you to continually get the most value out of the platform as your needs and goals evolve. From developing an effective intranet strategy to increasing employee engagement over time, we are with you every step of the journey.

More than a collection of features, Interact is an intelligent, integrated platform that connects people, information, and systems. It’s designed to be the portal to and central hub of the digital workplace, acting as the single source of truth that employees can rely on to stay informed, engaged, and aligned with organizational goals.

An intranet can help solve your organization’s toughest challenges

Discover 23 reasons why an intranet is mission critical for your entire workplace in this free guide.

Interact integrates with other business applications, such as your CRM, HR system, and document management platform, so employees can access everything through a single interface. This reduces the time and friction associated with constantly switching between different tools. It also helps to break down silos between departments and functions, as everyone is working in a common digital environment.

By bringing all these capabilities together in one place, Interact streamlines the employee experience, reduces information silos, and unlocks greater levels of productivity and innovation across your enterprise.

Switching to Interact is not just about getting a new set of tools; it’s about gaining a comprehensive, AI-powered platform and a dedicated partner to help you transform your employee experience. It’s an investment in the future of your organization and your workforce.

Next steps for implementing your Workplace alternative

The clock is ticking on Workplace. Don’t wait to find your better option. Interact provides a robust social intranet that not only replaces Workplace’s features, but offers significant additional capabilities that make it a major upgrade.We invite you to see Interact in action and discover why leading organizations around the world rely on us for an engaging, connected, and productive workforce.

Have questions about migrating from Workplace? Want to learn more about how Interact can elevate your employee experience? Speak with our intranet experts or book a demo today to discuss your unique needs and see our platform in action.

An intranet can help solve your organization’s toughest challenges

Discover 23 reasons why an intranet is mission critical for your entire workplace in this free guide.