Group of diverse people.

Belonging, Inclusion, and Diversity @ Interact

At Interact, we believe that people are every organization’s greatest asset. This belief is embedded in our culture and in everything we do as a software company. We believe that without a diverse set of people coming from all walks of life, each bringing their unique perspectives, we could not be able to provide such a powerful intranet solution to support our customers' diverse communities of employees.

We encourage our own staff to be their authentic selves and to let their differences drive positive change to our software and services. Our customers have a big task in supporting millions of employees world-wide, which in turn inspires us to bring more voices to the table to address their evolving needs.


Our Commitments

  • We are committed to an employee experience that celebrates people and their unique differences

    Every Interact employee is committed to making their peers –inside and outside their teams – feel safe; ensuring everyone can be successful whilst being their authentic selves.

  • We are committed to finding better ways to hear from every employee inside Interact

    The more voices we can collectively hear from, the more impact we can make within our own business and within our customer community.

  • We are committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce representative of the global communities we serve

    At Interact, we want to build better teams that can better support our customers. We believe that in hearing from those with different abilities and disabilities, genders, cultures, races, ethnic groups, and more, we can gain powerful insights and grow our teams with support and understanding.

  • We are committed to learning and growing

    Our commitment to belonging, inclusion, and diversity at Interact is a journey and not an end point. We are committed to continuously growing and learning from our people and customers.


Interact’s software is designed to keep people connected and informed. Our teams inside Interact have to be able to contribute to that every day. We acknowledge that we are on a journey and we’re ready to grow as our world, our business, our people, and our customers evolve.

Simon Dance
CEO at Interact

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