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Enhance your intranet and streamline communication with next
generation AI tools that transform your employee experience.

Simplify content creation without compromising employee experience

Beyond simply responding to prompts, Interact AI transforms productivity and personalization by enriching internal content and automating author processes and workflows. Maximize engagement and efficiency with AI-powered publishing that simplifies complex policies and improves understanding with automated FAQs, interactive quizzes, and more.

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Enable every employee to easily discover the company knowledge embedded across your digital workplace

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Surface hyper-relevant content and communications for every employee through automated suggestions that improve keywords and sort information into classifications such as news, policies, and more

Democratize the content creation process

Give employees the tools they need to become expert communicators and content authors. Interact’s generative AI tool gives everyone confidence by suggesting improvements in tone, sentiment, and inclusivity, and adapts to quality guidelines and formatting.

Optimize delivery of communications

Unleash the power of precise timing and channel selection. Whether it's email, SMS, Slack, or Teams, deciding the perfect moment for your announcements just got easier. Interact AI analyzes historical, demographic, and psychographic data to schedule multi-stage notifications that guarantee reach and engagement.

Elevate personalization across the enterprise

Create individualized user experiences with an AI tool that optimizes search result relevancy and automatically tailors content recommendations based on individual behaviors, interactions, and past digital footprints.

Enhance knowledge accessibility

Effective knowledge management is critical for a high-performance organization. Interact AI drives awareness and understanding by making content engaging and interactive. Shorten, expand, explain, or simplify internal content for diverse audiences. Use auto-generated quizzes for professional development or compliance, and instantly craft FAQs to concisely address employee queries.

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Additional benefits

Instant summarization

Reduce information overload and increase discoverability with concise AI-generated summaries. Distill content to save valuable time for authors and help employees to self-resolve queries.

Effortless image generation

Simplify image generation and make content appealing and discoverable by instantly producing royalty-free images from simple text prompts.

Multilanguage translations

Globalize your communication effortlessly with instant translation capabilities covering 100+ languages.

Seamless platform migrations

When platform migrations become a necessity, Interact AI delivers unmatched speed and efficiency in content transfer and transformation.

Locate internal experts

Leverage AI to help employees connect globally with the most relevant experts to resolve their issues swiftly and effectively.

Data insights unleashed

Unlock the full potential of your data and content with AI-powered analytics. Automatically identify missing information or outdated, hidden, duplicate, and underutilized content to ensure a single source of truth for your enterprise.