Onboarding and Enrollment

First impressions count and giving a great introduction to your organization means offering a digital experience to remember. Interact comes with a host of features to ensure your new employees get the warm welcome they need in order to settle in successfully.

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Easy, efficient, express enrollment

Whether you choose to do this as part of pre-boarding or during their first few days, enrolling new hires via the intranet ensures you have a central system of record for all the key info you need. Simply direct users to complete mandatory contact information and you have up-to-date details for when you need to get in touch - particularly useful for remote and front-line employees.


Experiences shaped to each employee

Provide a unique experience that evolves with your users over time. Get new employees up and running with personalized, targeted and relevant content to enhance their onboarding experience and employee journey. And handy features like the ‘Your Recommendations’ tab mean key info doesn't get missed.

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Autonomy from the outset

Faster, easier, more efficient – new employees can self-serve from the get-go. Our broad range of tools and intuitive features immediately give staff the independence to solve issues and find information - reducing training time and repetitive queries to managers and HR.

One gateway to countless digital experiences

The less your users need to navigate, the more time they have to fulfill their role. By integrating with dozen of apps including Office 365, Workday and SAP Concur, your intranet becomes the gateway to the digital workplace: helping users access need-to-know info, highlighting key tools, and avoiding the distractions of app sprawl.

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