Employee Pulse Surveys

It’s time to do away with complex and lengthy annual engagement surveys. Track and measure employee sentiment on a more regular basis with Pulse Surveys. Ask questions, assess results and track improvements over time - all from within your intranet.

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Check the pulse of your organization

The best employers listen to their employees, and take action when things aren’t quite right. Gain actionable insights on your workforce with Pulse Surveys. Choose the method that suits the moment – from a custom survey, a quick-fire poll or a simple Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) – and get an immediate understanding on how people are feeling.

The right questions, to the right people, at the right times

A company-wide survey, or a single question to a specific team: get the answers you need, from the people best placed to answer them. Shorter, targeted and more regular polling and surveying gets better participation rates. Coupled with guaranteed anonymity (should you want respondents to remain anonymous, that is), customers that use our Pulse Surveys report response rates of over 80%.

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Powerful data direct from your workforce

Take the hard work out of data analysis with real-time insights on employee sentiment. We even do the data modelling for you, making it easy to interpret and spot trends. Assign results and feedback to the relevant departments and management teams for analysis and action, then measure how effective activities have been by repeating surveys and tracking results over time. Not getting all the information you need? Our Participation Score makes it simple to identify and address low engagement employee groups.

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Uncover the true voice of your employees

Sifting through free-text survey feedback will give you some idea of how your employees are feeling. But how do you turn that into something more meaningful without spending hours extracting information? Sentiment analysis allows you to structure your unstructured survey responses, automatically interpreting written text to determine whether perceived overall feeling is positive, neutral or unfavorable. Coupled with quantitative data analysis, it’s a great opportunity to reveal the true mindset of your employees.

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Your employee experience, amplified

Pulse Surveys help you explore organizational culture and boost engagement. Cut down churn by giving your employees a platform to have their say: inviting feedback, listening, and taking action on potential problems before they escalate. But they’re not just there to spot the bad stuff; see who’s really happy and turn them into cultural champions. Whichever way, Pulse Surveys are a great way to open up the dialogue, improve relations, and boost information sharing between your workforce and management teams.

Easy, manageable, usable

Reluctant to introduce and manage yet another app that your workforce won’t use? We get it. That’s why we believe your intranet is the ideal home for Pulse Surveys. Familiar, trustworthy and accessed on a regular basis, it’s no surprise that our customers report higher than average participation rates. And because we understand that not every employee is sat at a desk every day, you can make sure every voice has an opportunity to be heard by sending out polls and surveys through a variety of channels: from e-mail to a blocking page on your intranet.

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