Intranet Content Management

Build a culture of communication

At the heart of every successful business is a strong culture of storytelling. Stories that resonate and bring people together.

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Craft rich content with ease

Empower your army of publishers with a simple CMS where they can create compelling, relevant content.

Promote a culture of inclusivity

AI-powered content analysis sparks awareness and encourages authors to build positive and progressive language into their stories.

Reach every employee

Schedule and distribute stories and content through the channels where your employees live.

Make content creation more effective

Reduce how long intranet authors spend writing, refining, or editing content - or simply get a starting point to work from - through text prompts that add valuable, accurate detail.

Real time monitoring

Empower authors to improve their content with detailed performance insights including visits, channel effectiveness, and social engagement.

Page Analytics

Packed with innovative features

Content Lifecycle Management

Keep content relevant with automated lifecycle alerts.

Multilanguage conversion

Break down barriers with machine translation for over 60+ languages.

Mandatory Read

Target audiences to ensure critical content is read.


Analyse pass/fail marks on crucial information.

Audience targeting

Alert groups of employees to new or updated content.

Duplication detection

AI recognition spots similar content to avoid replication.

Channel preview

See how content is displayed in every channel.

Auto summary

AI-Automated summary population to improve findability.

Sentiment Analysis

Holistic feedback on content negativity levels.

Predicted reach

Real time channel reach analysis.

Image accessibility

Automated AI-powered alternative text for image.

Content templates

Use existing templates or build more to standardize content.

Confidentiality Rating

Ensure readers are aware of any sensitivity.

Content Classification

Assign content to an internal taxonomy for improved findability.


Tag content to Topics boosting personalization.

Best Bets

Force content using keywords to top of the search results.

Content recommendation

Allow automated or create manual content.

Promotion Channel Control

Manage which comms channels your authors can post on.

Private feedback

Encourage direct feedback to authors to keep content relevant.


Gather feedback straight from a page.

Public pages

Publish non-gated content accessible anywhere.

Ghost writing

Publish content on behalf of another.

Snippet builder

Build reusable content fragments.

Comments feed

Encourage feedback.

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