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Simplify your internal email communications strategy, delivery, and effectiveness with Employee Newsletters.

Focus on crafting compelling stories that connect and enrich your workplace rather than spending excess time on email design and list maintenance.

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Consolidate communications across channels into a single platform  

Employees want to receive messages in the format best suited to them. Communicators can deliver messages through preferred channels – including email, text, digital signage, mobile, and more - while sourcing everything through the intranet. Leverage your existing content, manage audiences, and ensure appropriate governance all within the intranet. 

Insightful analytics to sharpen your IC strategy

Use advanced analytics to gain deep insights into email campaigns. Learn who is reading and interacting with content. Optimize your communications with data-driven decisions to maximize your impact. 

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Intranet segmentation informs automatic list building

Effortlessly segment your audience with dynamic lists based on employee groups, departments, or brands directly from your System(s) of Record in real time. Manual list building is optional, not required. 

Efficiently personalize to the individual 

Craft emails that resonate on a personal level. Define audiences with granular precision using personas based on attributes such as tenure, roles, community memberships, and more.   

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