Interact for
Microsoft 365

Build your perfect intranet on Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) with seamless integration of your popular M365 applications within Interact. Our out-the-box solution ensures users to get the most out of your M365 investment: without the need for specialist IT support.

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Experience SharePoint through your intranet

Get the most from your Microsoft 365 investment with native integration with SharePoint Online and OneDrive.

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  1. Stay compliant by maintaining an audit trail of who has read key policies and documentation
  2. Add a quiz to your content to assess how well employees have understood content
  3. Search SharePoint files via Interact, then view documents online without leaving the intranet
  4. Allow users to comment on documents, @mentioning co-workers or other content for greater collaboration
  5. Tag content for more accurate search results
  6. Give users the ability to get updates when essential content is updated
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Don't have Microsoft 365 licenses for all your workforce? We've got you covered

With our unique SharePoint offloading, documents can be synchronized into Interact for employees without a Microsoft 365 license.

Native popular features can be wrapped around SharePoint content to add value and context.

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Keep updated with Calendars

Keep your employees updated with integrated access to Calendars in Microsoft 365. From meeting rooms to company events, shared Microsoft 365 calendars can be easily presented on your intranet.

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Make Interact a member of your Microsoft Team

Interact integrates with Microsoft Teams, allowing employees to chat with each other without having to leave the intranet. Whether it’s for a specific project or within a social Community, your staff have more ways to collaborate.

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Track your tasks with To Do

Display your tasks directly in your intranet with native support for To Do. Mark tasks as complete or add new tasks when required.

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Email with your intranet

Reduce the number of apps that are used day-to-day by providing your employees with real-time access to emails from within their intranet. Unread new emails are shown on your intranet homepage for speed, ease and convenience.

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Power BI

Get easy visibility of your critical dashboards and analytics from within your intranet, embedding them onto your homepages, team pages, or department areas.

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Delve into Microsoft 365

Find and organize all Microsoft 365 files and documents that are of most interest to the user - and present them in your intranet. Add favourites, create boards and see what colleagues are working on to create an area that is customized and closely aligned to the individual without compromising permissions or security.

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Synchronize your people data from Azure Active Directory

Interact and Active Directory or Azure Active Directory can be synchronized in real time. The creation and de-provisioning of users is easy and efficient, reducing IT burden and ensuring all profile data is current and correct.

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