Experience SharePoint through your intranet

Make document retrieval fast and frictionless with an intranet that offers out-of-the-box integration with SharePoint Online and OneDrive.

Predictive Search

An intranet your Teams will love

Minimize app-switching and streamline workflows for Microsoft users by integrating your intranet directly into Microsoft Teams.

Keep employees informed with the latest news, communications, and resources directly within the Teams app.

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Microsfot Teams - Intranet.
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Employee planning

Streamline event coordination by linking Outlook calendars with your intranet homepage. From booking meeting spaces to scheduling company gatherings, seamlessly display shared M365 calendars to keep everybody informed.

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Work task orchestration

Organize daily tasks effortlessly, showcasing to-do lists with built-in support for Outlook Tasks. Easily check off completed items or add new tasks as needed, making priorities clear and manageable.

Outlook Tasks.

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