Interact for
Google Workspace

Connect Interact to Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and enjoy seamless access to your everyday Google apps directly from your intranet – whilst benefitting from the additional out-of-the box features that Interact has to offer. Whether searching files on Google Drive or hanging out with co-workers, do it all in one place with a Google intranet.

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The ultimate search experience

Instant access to information from one single place: that’s what we all expect from a search experience. Finding what you need inside your organization shouldn’t be any different. Surface Google Drive documents alongside information stored on your intranet and other connected applications and give employees a complete view of all their relevant information available (supports both ‘Shared’ and ‘My’ drive).

Search in Google Drive
Single Sign On

Multiple applications, one login

Single sign-on via your intranet means users can access all their Google applications – as well as a host of other digital workplace integrations– with one login. The result? A more streamlined, unified user experience and greater adoption of company applications via one, single interface.

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