Idea Management

Empower your enterprise to innovate faster by listening to, prioritizing, and reporting on employee ideas at scale.

Give employees a voice and together you’ll deliver ROI, identify new opportunities, and drive greater employee engagement.

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Make innovation scalable and efficient 

Sourcing and prioritizing ideas in a large organization is a challenge. Idea management software enables you to simultaneously screen, qualify, and progress thousands of employee ideas so that you can easily remove duplication and focus on those that will drive improvement.


Idea management on the intranet

Don’t make your employees visit yet another app to offer their feedback. Get up to 70% more ideas from staff when you integrate idea management into the platforms they already use.

Idea management Intranet
Idea management Intranet

Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams and Viva

Embed your own dedicated space within the M365 ecosystem with a Teams ideas app customized to look like your intranet. Even when they’re working in the native Teams app, give employees one place to go to submit and monitor ideas.

Deliver opportunities and improvements that drive ROI

Effective idea management helps companies to identify cost savings, improve products and services, and source new innovations that add value for the company. Comprehensive analytics enable you to calculate the value of ideas in your pipeline and create custom reports that show ROI.

Idea management ROI

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