Social Advocacy

Employees are the best advocates for your organization, yet they can lack a centralized way to share organizational news, promotions, and updates with external networks.

Social Advocacy enables organizations to use the intranet to easily curate and track the sharing of public news and promotions

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Build a bigger network
Make social sharing easy.

When it comes to employee retention and organizational culture, there is no substitute for the power of employee advocacy.

Having proud employees sharing details of their organization's successes is essential for credibility and growth—but it can be difficult for comms and marketing teams to centralize, publish, and track approved links and resources. Social Advocacy from Interact makes it easy to engage the entire workforce and turn everyone into super sharers.

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Simple integration

Create your biggest advocate network yet with native connectivity for leading social media platforms. Bring your social advocacy functionality into your intranet and avoid tech bloat from multiple tools.

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Cultivate a talent pool that drives performance

To thrive in a competitive environment, enterprises need to attract top talent. Social Advocacy empowers current employees to easily see and share details of vacancies with their professional and personal networks.

Increase the visibility of vacancies with commercial partners, customers, prospects, ex-employees, and new joiners to build a strong, highly skilled workforce.

Invaluable for company growth

Personal recommendations are the lifeblood of sales and marketing. Create a wave of social proof for marketing campaigns by giving employees the trackable links, images, and words they need to go from content consumers to campaign promoters.

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