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Outstanding service to support tenants is at the foundation of any housing association

Give your staff access to the tools, services, and information they need to do their jobs well. With Interact, you can be confident your staff are well-informed, engaged, and connected to your mission.

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Connect services and staff

Your housing association works in partnership with a number of different organizations to support tenants. Break down silos and connect those services and individuals with Interact. Our People Directory enables staff to find individuals quickly and easily by skill, experience, expertise and more. Dedicated team areas enable cross-departmental collaboration and forums support company-wide problem solving to support your staff.

Improve regulation and compliance

Give your staff quick and efficient access to the latest and most accurate information, policies and procedures. Interact's content management system integrates with your cloud storage to provide a single version of truth. Version control, mandatory read functionality, review dates and assigned content owners ensure a clear audit trail. It's a simple but effective way to ensure your messages are understood, and your association remains compliant.

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