Meta to shut down Workplace platform 

In a move that will impact businesses worldwide, Meta has announced it will discontinue its Workplace platform.  

According to Meta, the platform will remain fully functional until August 31, 2025. Users will then be able to view existing content in a read-only mode until May 2026 before Workplace shuts down completely on June 1, 2026. 

Meta has not disclosed a specific reason for the closure, but some experts believe the company is shifting its focus toward developing its Metaverse and AI projects. 

This news will require businesses currently using Workplace to find an alternative employee experience solution for enterprise social networking, internal communications, knowledge management, and collaboration.  

The good news for current Workplace users is the platform is not unique in its functionality, and the required change provides organizations with an opportunity to review what additional features exist in the marketplace that could augment an internal comms strategy.  

“While a shift to a new employee communications app can feel disruptive, companies like Interact have been providing employee experience tools for 20 years and are well equipped to make the migration as smooth as possible,” said Simon Dance, CEO of Interact. “Further, blending employee communications tools into a modern intranet solution provides an elevated employee experience.”  

While Meta has left Workplace customers with time to seek a replacement platform, considering alternative options early will ensure organizations have the best chance of identifying a solution that meets their unique requirements.   

If your business is affected by the closure of Workplace, we’re here to support you with finding a new intranet solution. Whether you have questions about our extensive set of features, what a transition to Interact entails, or you’re interested in a product demo, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.