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Secure and accessible intranets for the financial services sector

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Connect dispersed branch workers and unite your financial services organization

With Interact, you have a secure, compliant, and easy-to-use answer to your collaboration needs. Improve knowledge sharing, create a common culture, and provide your staff with the tools and information they need to provide a superior service for your customers.

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Rich people profiles

Help dispersed employees get to know one another better with an easy-to-use People Directory. Search not only by name and department, but expertise, experience, interests and more. Colleagues who may never meet in person can connect, share knowledge, and collaborate freely and simply.

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Create and communicate a unified culture

Bring everyone together and ensure your staff feel part of the big picture. With dynamic and easy-to-build content areas and homepages, you can share the latest news and updates, communicate success, and build a strong internal brand. Even if your staff are spread across multiple locations, they'll feel a part of your business and what you stand for.

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