Tailored to every employee. Intranet personalization allows your employees to customize their experience improving access to content and boosting engagement.

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Every communication professional knows that content relevancy is key to intranet success.

Relevant content, every time. Topics allow employees to select the subjects they’re interested in and dynamically fine-tune their homepage content.

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Take out the guesswork.

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Discover, inspire, explore.

Interact’s unique AI-based recommendation engine automatically suggests Topics to help employees discover new content.

Centralize control.

A powerful dashboard provides an easy birds-eye-view of all Topics and subscribers for enterprise administrators.

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Content Subscription

Informed and updated. Subscribing to content ensures your employees never miss a vital update to critical content.

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Stay in the know. Granular controls allow employees to select what alerts they receive and how, ensuring the right content is never overlooked.

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Content Recommendation

No heavy lifting. Using AI, content recommendations ensure relevant and timely content discovery.

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