I’m so proud to announce our powerful new editing experience. Through it, we’ll be supporting enterprises to reach every employee with multichannel communications and empowering them to improve internal storytelling and build cultures of communication in their organizations.

Our mission as an employee experience platform (EXP) provider is simple; we help organizations to inform and connect their greatest asset: their people. Our customers – especially those professionals in internal communications, HR, marketing, and any other function charged with raising employee engagement – do this through multichannel communications and rich-media storytelling every day. Through our platform, they create compelling content and communications that link employers to employees and colleagues to one another.

The need for these talented communicators, and for tools which support them, has never been more apparent than now. The seismic events of the last two years have changed the working world permanently. Organizations have been forced to take the leap into the world of hybrid working and for most, there’s no going back. For organizations – and more specifically, internal communicators – this has created a substantial change in workforce engagement.

The Great Resignation. The Great Discontent. The Great Reshuffle. Whatever you want to call it, many employees have seen the shift in the way they work as an opportunity to find work that is more meaningful, convenient, or fulfilling. Organizations are having to work harder to both attract and retain talent, and they are focusing on employee experience to help achieve this. As research from Willis Towers Watson reveals, 90% of employers intend to make employee experience a main priority in 2022.

Multichannel communications: How to plan and execute a strategy

Command attention and drive engagement in all kinds of different scenarios with a multichannel comms plan.

So, how can internal communicators help to not only keep employees happy and engaged, but also make them advocates for an organization? Employee experience platforms are key to this as the digital home for employees. Yet a historic challenge communicators have always had with comms software is effective and efficient content distribution, and with workforces becoming more dispersed, this challenge is becoming exacerbated.

This is where our latest feature upgrade comes into play. We have been working hard to create what we think is the world’s easiest intelligent content editor for multichannel communications and measurement. I think this is the next stage in evolution when it comes to informing, connecting, engaging, and empowering your people, wherever they are.

The launch video below will help you understand exactly why I’m so excited about this:

What we set out to achieve with this enhanced editing experience is allowing anyone in your organization to share create and share stories that resonate. As a standard feature of our enterprise-grade intranet software, the all-new intranet content editor does just that.

We’ve all witnessed the rise of DE&I in organizations, and rightly so. This is something that needs to be addressed by every employer, and one of the features I’m particularly proud of is our AI-powered Inclusivity Analysis which we believe is an industry-first. We want to help our customers ensure every piece of content is inclusive, and this feature does exactly that by analyzing content as it is created and suggesting more inclusive language wherever possible. Over time, this feature will help users to naturally write in a more inclusive way which I think you will agree is extremely important.

Thanks to our all-new editing experience, anyone with editing permissions can create remarkable content regardless of their skill level. We recognized that every organization has people who have valuable stories to share with their colleagues, but not everybody in your army of publishers is a skilled communicator. Your comms team may be well versed in writing and using typical content editors like our previous rich text editor to create and publish their content, but this isn’t always the case for storytellers in the wider organization. To remedy this, we have created simple drag-and-drop functionality allowing users to create rich content using a variety of text blocks, column blocks, image blocks, video blocks, and more.

As intranet software has evolved from a single webpage experience to a multichannel communications tool, we have incorporated all the relevant channels and platforms into our product, including email, mobile, SMS, digital signage, and digital workplace platforms such as Teams and Slack. Not only can users maximise the reach of their comms across these channels and platforms at the most effective time for each employee and in their preferred language in one click using Engagement AI, our revised analytics functionality allows granular measurement of the effectiveness of every piece of content across every channel.

I’m so proud of the hard work that has gone into building each of these features, and all of us at Interact are excited about the impact these will have on our customers’ internal comms. There are plenty of other exciting new tools to discover in this game-changing multichannel content editing experience. Find out more about how you can enhance your culture, enrich your organization, and connect your greatest asset – your people – over on the feature page.

Multichannel communications: How to plan and execute a strategy

Command attention and drive engagement in all kinds of different scenarios with a multichannel comms plan.