Celebrate your intranet success by entering the Intranet Innovation Awards

I’ve always found that the people who best understand how intranet managers need to operate and appreciate the issues they face are, of course, other intranet managers!

This means that sharing experiences, case studies, and screenshots with other intranet managers is always valuable and a great way to gain insights or inspiration to bring your intranet to the next level.

It’s now easy to share your experiences with the wider intranet manager community. This happens through conferences, webinars, networking groups (both formal and more informal), reports and blog posts. Even those of us on the consultant or vendor side of the fence also tend to come from a practitioner background.

Although strictly speaking intranets are confidential, intranet and collaboration managers tend to be pretty willing to share good practices, approaches and tactics with each other.

Competitions and Awards

Another way to share insights is by entering a competition. These provide a great framework to share details of your intranet and learn from others, as well as hopefully gain some (much needed) recognition and kudos for the team behind them.

There are now a number of intranet competitions around. Of course there are Interact’s Intranet Excellence Awards and Interact customer Dollar Finance recently won the prestigious “Best Social Intranet” award from Ragan Communications.

I’m involved in the Intranet Innovation Awards which is run by Step Two Designs and James Robertson. Now in our eighth year we’re one of the longest running global awards for intranets. We’re independent and vendor-neutral, with a prestigious judging panel which includes Martin White and Sam Marshall.

We’re slightly different from some other competitions in that as well as judging entire intranets and redesigns, we also celebrate specific features, approaches or designs that are both innovative and have impact. So to enter the Awards you don’t necessarily have to focus on the whole intranet.

What’s the best part of your intranet?

In my experience most intranets usually have at least one feature, section or community that has worked really well and has had genuine impact. It might be that part of your intranet experiences high levels of adoption, delivers real business value or improves a process. It might be a particular solution has been implemented.

Often it’s the section of an intranet that the team are most proud of.

If you have a success story that includes some new thinking, a clever approach, innovative design or redefines what the intranet is or does, then you should consider entering the Intranet Innovation Awards.

Entering the Awards

For the past three years we’ve had a number of Interact customers entering the Awards and we’d urge you to enter as well.

There are five categories:

  • Core intranet functionality
  • Social, collaboration and communication
  • Business and frontline
  • Enterprise mobility
  • Intranet rework

You can see all the details and download an entry form at http://www.steptwo.com.au/iia/enter.

We’re accepting submission until June 6th. All winners receive glass trophy when the results are announced in September.

If you have any questions or need guidance on what to enter you can email us at awards (at) step.two.com.au.

Good luck!