Workplace Search

Advanced search experiences integrate seamlessly with all essential apps, bridging the gap between employees and critical information. Instantly sync and search SharePoint Online, Teams, OneDrive, Google Drive, ServiceNow, Confluence, and more — all within a unified experience.

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Workplace Search

Simplify the search, amplify the productivity

Remove app-hopping and multiple searches. Deliver a tailored experience with intelligent semantic analysis, precise filtering, and predictive suggestions, enabling employees to find relevant information efficiently.

Prediction Search

Employee tailored security

Data integrity is our priority. Workplace Search safeguards information by adhering to user permissions, revealing results only when users have the necessary access. Real-time synchronization reflects updates and permissions.

Employee Tailored Security Search

Effortless integration

Workplace Search is built to connect with all your existing enterprise applications, harnessing the collective intelligence of your company. From ready-to-use connectors to customizable APIs, enhance your search index with proprietary enterprise data.

AI Sumaries

AI-generated summaries

With built-in AI summarization providing precise and succinct summaries, search results are more relevant, efficient, and accessible than ever.

Fine tune your results

With Interact, you control the narrative. Tailor the experience and maintain full control over what content is included in search and how results are ranked.

Control Search

A search that understands you

Interact not only searches — it understands. By comprehending your company's unique knowledge graph, every search result is meticulously personalized, delivering content that resonates with each employee's needs.

Deep content searches

Workplace Search goes beyond document-level analysis and searches deeper within content, such as articles, media, attachments, and more, and presents it within the search results.

Deep Content Search

Search analytics

Uncover, identify, and action missing information across your workplace using Search Analytics to pinpoint gaps in your information architecture. Employees can always find the latest and most up-to-date information with real time updates to Workplace Search.

Search Analytics

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