5 reasons to perform an intranet content audit

As companies grow, so does the size of their teams, which makes it necessary to regularly perform an intranet content audit. Discover the reasons you should start yours right now.

Internal comms is essential for a fully functioning and well-rounded global enterprise. It’s a fundamental employment strategy for attracting and retaining top talent and managing the ongoing requirements of your workforce. When done correctly, it can add value to business culture and impact an organization’s bottom line, fuelling growth and profit margins. Quite simply, happy and engaged employees perform better.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that there needs to be structure and planning behind any successful internal communications strategy. It’s not good enough to simply post a blog by the CEO or send a quick product update and leave it at that. It needs to be better thought out. Regular, targeted, and valuable content that reflects the company values and offers something to the reader is a much better way to drive that engagement. Still, it can be challenging to know exactly where to start.

How to run an intranet content audit

Intranet content audits are a hugely valuable part of any intranet strategy. They are a vital step when evaluating the effectiveness of your internal comms.

The purpose of any intranet content audit is to create an inventory of all available and visible content, often in preparation for the new intranet. This is an important step to complete prior to migrating to a new software, or re-architecting the intranet’s current content. It provides insight and understanding into how the content is currently being represented and the type of information that is there. Working on this inventory will also help you identify if certain pages/documents are still valid, need updating or are perhaps no longer required.

What is a content audit?

Content audits are a valuable tool. They can support your internal comms and intranet strategy, and help you evaluate what is working and what isn’t within your organization. Undertaking a content audit provides the opportunity to organize everything internally, helping to cement and inspire any future strategies. They are also a key part of any intranet or software migration. But what do they actually entail?

Auditing your content simply means documenting all of the important content created on your intranet and by your teams. The purpose of an audit is to analyze and evaluate your current internal content offering, and collating it in order to establish where any gaps are. Doing this efficiently on an annual basis means that your intranet content strategy remains fresh and updated. Keeping your internal content in order streamlines the efforts of your communicators and ultimately improves employee engagement.

Why undertake an intranet content analysis?

An intranet content audit provides a wealth of information that is invaluable to your organization. Although time-consuming, once completed they are impactful and support many areas of the business. This knowledge can support business growth and shape your strategy for the future of internal communications.

How to run an intranet content audit

Intranet content audits are a hugely valuable part of any intranet strategy. They are a vital step when evaluating the effectiveness of your internal comms.

Here are 5 reasons to perform an intranet content audit:

Reason 1 – Collate all your content in one place

The first step in your intranet content audit is to take stock of your existing content. After all, if you work hard to develop a new piece of content about DE&I or learning and development, you want to know that it has value and is being used by your co-workers.

Collating all your content into a handy Excel template means that it is constantly available for review if needed. This may be a time-consuming process, but it creates a baseline for your intranet content that you can add to on a regular basis over an extended period.

Reason 2 – Keep everything updated and organized

Keeping the content of your intranet up to date is crucial. If your organization has a change in vision, or fresh faces in the Senior Leadership Team, it is likely time to start a content audit and ensure the information and language is still correct. Regularly review pages to ensure it fits all company goals and brand values; everything should be in the tone of voice that matches your organization’s culture. This is crucial when onboarding new employees, as this content is often their first introduction to their new workplace.

Reason 3 – An intranet content audit can diagnose content gaps

In addition to providing an inventory of the information on your website, an audit also highlights areas where the site lacks the information your audience is seeking. By pinpointing the site’s content gaps, you become better equipped to create new content that adds value to your site and your brand.


Reason 4 – Examine analytics, accessibility, and UX

Your intranet content might be well-written and engaging, but if it isn’t easily accessible then employees may struggle to find it. Use your intranet analytics to determine which pages are popular and which aren’t. As a rule of thumb, if a piece of content is on your intranet for 12 months without a single view, it may be time to audit its use or discoverability. Measuring results allows you to make data-driven decisions. That way, you’ll know what’s working for you and the team, what other content you need to produce, and how to achieve your goals.

Reason 5 – Prepare for a migration

If you’re in the market for a change with your internal comms software, such as a new intranet, doing a content audit now is an essential part of the migration process. As workforces across the world become more hybrid, communicating with them is tougher than ever. Leadership teams have turned to intranet software to create a thriving culture and unlock the potential of their workforce.

It all starts with a content audit. To better understand the effectiveness of your intranet, and to improve your internal comms strategy, a content audit is vital. Download our Intranet Content Audit guide today, with a free Excel template, to get yours started.

How to run an intranet content audit

Intranet content audits are a hugely valuable part of any intranet strategy. They are a vital step when evaluating the effectiveness of your internal comms.