Why SharePoint isn’t the perfect intranet

In this webinar we explore
  • The differences between SharePoint and independent intranets
  • The risks and benefits between both options
  • Why time to value is so important
  • Cost of ownership over the long-term
  • Integrations across the wider digital workplace
  • Product agility and reacting to new trends and technology

At some point in your career, if you’re working in internal communications, you’ll likely be tasked with upgrading your organization’s communications with a modern intranet.

You might even be at this point now. As a Communicator, you may already have experienced, or at least know about, the underlying risks around using SharePoint and you’re looking to convince others of a new direction.

With organizations reacting to new ways of working, join us as we examine why SharePoint-based intranets should not be the obvious choice and how to convince your stakeholders.

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