Competing for employee attention in the digital workplace

In this webinar we explore
  • Why it’s business-critical to compete for employee attention
  • The challenges communicators face in getting heard
  • The science behind how we build connections and choose where to give our time
  • The critical role of the intranet in building connections with employees
  • Practical strategies to compete with digital noise and capture employee attention
  • How to make those interactions meaningful and build those all-important connections with our employees

In a world of infinite content but finite attention, how can communicators battle endless digital noise to build meaningful interactions with employees?

When it comes to engaging our employees, we’re up against the biggest and the best. Not only are our staff app-hopping from one tool to the next in the digital workplace, they’re constantly pulled in different directions by everything from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram or YouTube.

How do we compete and apply those same tactics used by the industry to create compelling communications?

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