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The UK healthcare sector faces many challenges. Your employees are key to overcoming these

When your staff are free to communicate and collaborate effectively, they can access the information and support they need to do what's most important: provide outstanding patient care. Empower your employees, drive efficiency, and support a paperless approach to care with intranet software from Interact.

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A centralized, digital workplace

Support a paperless healthcare system, drive efficiencies and empower your healthcare staff with an accessible and centralized intranet. Bring together vital policies and procedures with easy-to-build content areas, or integration with your cloud storage systems. Use Interact's Workflow and Forms to digitalize key processes such as absence booking or reporting, saving valuable healthcare worker time and pressures on administrative staff.

Broadcast vital information

Make sure your workers never miss a critical update and keep your healthcare organization compliant. Create a message or alert on your intranet that can be broadcasted to your staff, no matter where they are, using four different modes: a display banner on your intranet; via SMS to staff mobiles; a push notification through the Interact app; or by blocking users from using your intranet until they've read and acknowledged the message.

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Holistic patient care with Teams and Forums

Deliver a truly holistic and collaborative approach to patient care with dedicated team areas and forums. Connect healthcare and support professionals to promote best practice, provide peer support and share the latest research or developments in their field. Departments and wards can use Interact Teams to communicate securely and share information across shifts, improving patient care.

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