New and efficient uses of Interact software: Extranets and Communities

Every internal communication professional understands the benefits of powerful intranet software in the modern workplace. For over ten years, Interact has transformed internal business communications, leading the way in facilitating engaged and productive work environments.

Our customers know that Interact’s powerful intranet features naturally support and integrate with other business applications, allowing organizations to maintain operations whilst staying connected and informed. 

Whether strengthening partner relationships with a branded business extranet or building loyalty through personalized customer interactions within a Community, Interact offers a single, unified publishing experience for multiple diverse audiences.


Over time, most thriving organizations realize that effective communications are a necessity. Extranets promote teamwork and cultivate strong relationships, not only with employees, but with existing or newly-established commercial partnerships. As the business evolves, this engagement drives supply chains, volunteers, board members, or contractors.

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Happy customers are crucial to the success of any business. A positive customer experience creates trust towards products and services, nurtures loyalty, and boosts revenue.   

With Interact, intranet use cases even extend to consumer content because building a vibrant customer Community is easy. Internal personalization tools allow for targeted, timely communications which encourage collaboration and create a remarkable customizable experience for customers, promoting self-service and measuring engagement satisfaction through real-time analytics. 

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