Interact’s new feature delves deeper into intranet data

Manchester, UK – 9 March 2021: Interact has announced their latest feature, Advanced Analytics, to their product.

The new tool – an addition to their existing Analytics feature – allows users to pull in usage data from their intranet into their own business intelligence tools.

Users can discover deeper insights, uncover user journey behaviors, and create custom reports using third-party products including Power BI, Qlik, SAP, and Sisense.

Interact CEO, Simon Dance, comments, “This update to Analytics now allows our customers to pull in their Interact usage data into their own business intelligence tools – something that is becoming a common ask from our top-tier customers.

“We find that many of the enterprises who use Interact have data science teams that want access to the raw data and enrich with other data sources. We have created the feature to supply this growing demand for deeper analysis when measuring intranet effectiveness.”

For more information on the Advanced Analytics feature, head here.