Interact Announces Enhanced Interact AI Functionality for Intranets at the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit 2023

With Interact AI, intranet authors can use GenAI integration to help draft, summarize, and revise content natively within the platform to improve content quality and employee engagement.

Gartner Digital Workplace Summit, SAN DIEGO, June 12, 2023

Interact Software today announced a significant expansion of the AI-powered content generation tools available within its intranet platform at the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit 2023. In addition to existing AI enhancements for sentiment and inclusivity analysis, Interact AI’s GenAI functionality enables intranet authors to save time and publish more compelling internal content.

Using Interact AI, an author has several options to improve internal communications and intranet content: 

  • Create new content: Allows distributed authors (often separated by language, brand, and communications skill level) to write prompts or bullet points into the Interact AI assist box and the system will automatically draft an article that fits the specifications. 
  • Improve: Interact AI can suggest more positive, casual, straightforward, confident, or friendly edits to existing content, a significant assist to the infrequent contributor. 
  • Shorten or Expand: When space is at a premium or a more detailed explanation is needed, Interact AI can help lengthen or shorten a piece to fit the given format. 
  • Simplify: Interact AI will help remove unnecessary words or overly complex concepts, ensuring your message is understandable and accessible to a wide audience. 
  • Migrate content: Interact AI makes it easy to auto-adjust lengthy historical policies/procedures from incumbent intranets into a modern alternative. 

In most enterprise organizations, there exists a core group of intranet authors whose job is to create and distribute internal communications and maintain valuable company resources. The most effective intranets also include authors from other teams and departments, who may not feel confident in their ability to tell accurate and engaging stories. 

“Interact AI helps employees who arent natural writers to create higher quality content by making it easier to simplify, enrich and improve the relevance of written pieces,” said Simon Dance, CEO, Interact. “Through Interact AI, more individuals within an organization can have a voice, which strengthens culture, improves employee engagement and ensures all perspectives are heard and considered.”

These new AI enhancements to Interact’s Block Editor CMS will come as standard within the product and augment existing AI functionality, which includes sentiment analysis, non-inclusive language detection, and content summarization. The AI functions can be removed if an organization chooses.

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In 2023, ClearBox Consulting named Interact a “Choice” intranet provider, the top honor in its Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms review.