We are excited to announce that Interact has been selected as a ‘Choice for 2022’ by leading independent workplace consultancy, ClearBox. The Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms report names Interact as an outstanding employee experience product.

As the go-to experts on workplace communication, ClearBox has published comprehensive reviews of intranet software in highly anticipated reports for many years. However, the company’s newest review, Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms, marks the first time that ClearBox has merged its previously separate reports for SharePoint intranet in-a-box products and independent intranets into one complete survey of the entire employee experience platform market.

Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms 2022

Discover why ClearBox has named Interact as one of the best intranets in 2022!

This shift reflects dramatic changes in the way we work, the technological leaps that out-of-the-box intranets have made, and a growing awareness that if organizations want superior digital workplace solutions, “SharePoint shouldn’t always be an automatic decision when considering your intranet landscape.”

With nearly twenty in-depth intranet software reviews and a selection of additional overviews, the new report gives intranet buyers the fullest picture of the current landscape for internal communications and collaboration platforms. It’s against these industry leading products that Interact has been given the highest ‘Choice’ award.

The prize represents ClearBox’s recommendation that Interact is a stand-out solution among the best intranet platforms for 2022.  

Interact CEO Simon Dance said:

We’re extremely proud to receive this recognition and recommendation from ClearBox. Over the past two years the exponential increase in remote and hybrid working has forced many organizations to adapt to a new operating model almost instantly. Everyone at Interact works hard to provide a product that meets this challenge through the delivery of a platform that allows organizations to bring together their people – wherever they are and whatever role they have.

Interact enables employees to access business apps, informational resources, and internal communications easily so that they can remain connected to their employer and colleagues even when dispersed around the world. Connecting with colleagues, leaders, and the organization as a whole on a daily basis fosters a greater sense of community and improves the employee experience.

How is the Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms report compiled?

The full reviews contained in ClearBox’s new report assess all products against a stringent range of criteria. This includes comprehensive sandbox testing by an expert reviewer, detailed product questionnaires, a ‘Voice of the Customer’ survey of existing users, and an in-depth assessment of the product against ten Evaluation Scenarios.

These business scenarios have been formulated from ClearBox’s work with organizations and their knowledge of key industry trends. Including factors such as Mobile and Frontline Support, Community and Engagement, and Internal Communication, the scenarios stress test each intranet and observe how easy to use, attractive, and functional they are for end users.

Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms 2022

Discover why ClearBox has named Interact as one of the best intranets in 2022!

About Interact: Interact supplies over 1,000 organizations with an award-winning employee experience platform that boosts productivity and drives engagement. 

Through enterprise-grade intranet software and decades of expertise, Interact provides Fortune 500, FTSE 250, and globally recognized brands such as Levi’s, Domino’s, Teva Pharmaceuticals, and Sony PlayStation, with a powerful way to inform and connect their greatest asset: their people. 

Interact has offices in New York, Boston, Tulsa, and Manchester and operates across the whole of the US and Canada, EMEA, and Australia.  

About ClearBox: ClearBox Consulting Ltd. is a specialist independent consultancy that can help make the workplace a better and more productive experience. ClearBox is run by Sam Marshall, former Global Intranet Manager for Unilever, staff, and a network of skilled associates.

Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms 2022

Discover why ClearBox has named Interact as one of the best intranets in 2022!