The 2024 communications calendar for internal comms

Plan, share, and manage employee engagement activities for the coming year with our free 2024 communications calendar.

Everyone works differently, so we have two ways you can use the communications calendar in your comms planning. Either download the comprehensive Excel template or bookmark this page and check the dates below. Both calendars will keep you up to date on 2024’s most important holidays, awareness days, internal comms conferences, awards, and more.

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Free resources to support your 2023 communications calendar

One of the best ways HR, internal comms, and other people-focused teams can deliver creative campaigns is to plan multichannel activities around key dates.

The downloadable content calendar template is filled with links to free resources that will help you plan engaging DE&I campaigns or focus on mental health, all during when the periods when your workforce is most receptive.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our communications calendar is similar to a social media or content calendar template used by Marketing. Ours is intended for use by internal communicators when they are planning employee messages and initiatives. The comms calendar is a schedule that allows you to see all the upcoming holidays, awareness days, and events for your industry.

The easiest way to customize this comms calendar is to download the file and share it with other teams in your company. Ask them to add departmental events, conferences, or regularly occurring meetings. This will give you an overall view of when the most important events are taking place and allow you to plan internal communications campaigns.

For example, if you’re planning to run a comms drive involving staff in ESG initiatives, why not avoid a clash with your big customer conference in March and organize a multichannel campaign to take place around Earth Day in April.

We hope that we’ve given you some great starter content for producing engaging employee communications. From DE&I to CSR, we’ve got a wide range of awareness days and holidays covered. A content calendar template like this will come into its own when you customize it though. Add all your organization’s key dates, such as future all-hands meetings or your open enrollment period. If you want to go further and add value for fellow marketing, communications, and HR professionals, add the events and awards deadlines relevant for those industries too.

No. For some of the resources contained within the communications calendar we may ask for a name and work email address, but the calendars found here are easy to download and don’t ask for any details.

In addition to including your own events in the template, you may want to add more detail around your intended comms plan.

One way we think is useful is to insert additional worksheets for each month. Once you know which initiatives you plan to celebrate in each month, you can add details on which sectors of your workforce you’ll target, which channels you’ll use, who will be involved, and what deadlines everyone needs to adhere to.

Many organizations create and distribute internal communications solely in reaction to emergency news or company developments. This can result in hasty campaigns that focus on ad hoc messages and don’t allow internal communicators to plan ahead.

To help every company look forward and plan creative comms throughout the year, we’ve produced a 2023 communications calendar template packed with resources and ideas.

Download, edit, and share this free content calendar so you can plan employee engagement activities around the key dates that matter.

  • Instantly see all competing communications, HR, and ESG initiatives
  • Plan your time and resources in accordance with busier periods
  • Align internal comms with external content, marketing, and social media
  • Discover the most important awards deadlines, conferences, and webinars in the communications calendar

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