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Keep your employees connected, wherever work takes them

Creating communities within the digital workplace is a great way to silo-bust and promote cross-functional areas for work or leisure. With a dedicated homepage and features spanning calendars, galleries, timelines and more, you can give every community in your organization a space to call their own.

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Information direct to your people

A dispersed workforce can create challenges in relaying important information to them when it matters. With Interact's Broadcast tool, you can send and track information to the right people across a variety of mobile and desk-based channels, including SMS and push notifications.

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Create groups outside of rigid workplace structures

Organizational structures don't always reflect how we operate day-to-day. Using Personas in Interact, you can create dynamic groups outside of the normal framework and communicate with them in a relevant and impactful way throughout your digital workplace.

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Customized, engaging homepages

As the window to your digital workplace, your intranet homepage can be tailored to different users with all the relevant information, media and links to essential resources they need. These homepages help employees connect with everything they require, in one place.

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Connect your workforce

Bringing your people together is what makes for true collaboration. Interact People Directory sits at the heart of your digital workplace, helping employees find co-workers through a variety of criteria including skill, expertise or department, and then giving them the tools to connect and get to work together.

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Spark communication and connections

Intranet Forums is the place to tap into your employees' knowledge, expertise and ideas. It also gives employees the opportunity to ask questions, start a discussion, share thoughts and interact with posts, taking discussions to the next level.

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Collaborative team spaces

Creating communities within the digital workplace is a great way to silo-bust and promote cross-functional teams. Whether it's work or leisure-related, team spaces are the ideal way to collaborate.

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Socialize your workplace

The social features on our intranet software boost engagement and give your employees more ways of communicating and collaborating. Social features, including the ability to like and share posts, @mentioning and activity timelines help remove the traditional workplace barriers of unfamiliarity, time zones and technology.

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Connect to your organization, from anywhere

Available on iOS and Android, Interact's mobile app gives employees access to your digital workplace from any device. Allow your workforce to access tailored homepages, intelligent search to find the information they need, and the ability to connect with peers, wherever they are in the world.

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