Who’s Speaking at the London Intranet Conference?

With just 12 days to go until Interaction 2011, the London Intranet Conference we take a look at the key-note speakers who will be headlining this years major intranet event.

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Lee Bryant

Lee Bryant co-founded Headshift, the world’s largest social business consultancy that focusses on the emerging area of social software and social networking in 2002 to help organisations make the most out of social technologies, engage people and improve business performance. He has been playing with words and computers since the age of 10, and has a strong belief in the empowering potential of the internet.

He is also a board member of a social enterprise, Involve and a trustee of the Foundation for Science Technology and Culture.

Presentation at Interaction 2011: Thursday, October 13th, 10.40am

Subject: Inside the social business

Lee will take you through the evolution of the social intranet, including what is meant by social business, the evolution of the intranet and what role it should be playing in social business, how you can enhance an intranet with social features, intranet adoption from a social perspective and the future of enterprise IT.

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Janus Boye

As founder and managing director at J. Boye, Janus has grown his business into a global operation since he founded it in 2003.

Renowned as a productive author, today Janus focuses mostly on strategy and management with occasional posts about CMS. He contributed to several CMS Watch (now Real Story Group) reports from 2006 to 2009 including ‘The Web CMS Report’ and the ‘Enterprise Portals Report.’

Presentation: October 13th, 11.10am

Subject: Intranets – Long Way Forward

Based on real examples in addition to years of research on intranet and portals, Janus will be untangling the significant intranet challenges, including lack of support from senior managers, usability, collaboration, governance and vendors, including software companies, agencies and analysts.

While covering these points, he draws on his research into enterprise portals and digs into the fading distinction between intranets and portals. Learn from the different approaches, compare your own intranet and take away tangible recommendations.

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Sharon O’Dea

As Intranet Manager at the Houses of Parliament, Sharon was responsible for delivering a new intranet for MPs and staff for the last general election, including a highly-regarded mobile intranet.

She has several years’ experience in managing and implementing intranets. Prior to joining Parliament, she worked in internal communications for a range of public and third sector organisations, including City of Westminster, Defra and Save the Children UK. In addition, she recently advised the Iraqi Council of Representatives on their web and intranet presence.

She blogs about digital communications on her website and occasionally for The Guardian newspaper.

Presentation at Interaction 2011: Thursday, October 13th, 3pm

Subject: Mobile intranets: information on the move

Join Sharon as she details the huge task she faced to migrate a standard intranet into a sleek, new CMS and deliver a brand new mobile intranet which met the needs of Parliamentarians – all to a fixed deadline. She will discuss the project, development and launch of this dual assignment and demonstrate in detail how a mobile intranet has been integral to internal operations, where a high majority of its workforce operate from numerous offices.

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James Robertson

Author of the books ‘Designing intranets: creating sites that work’ and ‘What every intranet team should know’, along with a range of best practice reports and hundreds of articles – James is one of the undisputed global experts in the field of intranets.

Based in Australia, James has keynoted at conferences around the globe, exploring the future of intranets and how to make them work today. He has also worked with many high profile organisations to help them deliver a great intranet, within Australia and internationally.

Presentation at Interaction 2011: Thursday, October 13th, 9.05am

Subject: How to make an intranet essential

James Robertson applies his extensive experience to guide you through exactly what it takes to ensure your intranet becomes an instrumental business tool. Hear his expert advice on how to transform your intranet from ‘ad-hoc’ to ‘essential‘ as he discusses the six key principles to achieving an intranet that is essential and the importance of intranet design.

James will also be a panellist in the lively intranet debate and Q&A session at the end of the day, where he will also be giving away five copies of his book, ‘Designing intranets: creating sites that work’.

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Mark Morrell

Mark has 15 years’ experience developing intranet strategies and has first-hand practical experience of implementing technology and change projects. As the former BT Intranet manager, Mark has transformed BT’s intranet into one of the best globally for governance, engagement and collaboration.

After nine years as BT’s intranet manager Mark has set up his own business and helped several major organisations with their intranet strategy, governance, standards and use of collaboration tools combining this with the Intranet Benchmarking Forum.

Presentation at Interaction 2011: Thursday, October 13th, 9.45am

Subject: Good Governance = Engaged People

Mark will be leveraging his years of experience to explain methods of intranet leadership which benefit the running of the platform, leading to a more enthusiastic, engaged and involved workforce.

Join him to discover why governance is essential, why your organisation needs engaged staff, what ‘good’ governance is and real-life examples of how governance engages people. Mark will use examples from his time as BT’s Intranet Manager to offer you exclusive tips and advice to keep your work force engaged.

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Sam Marshall

Sam Marshall is the owner of ClearBox – a specialist intranet and enterprise 2.0 consultancy. He also acts as the benchmarking lead for the Intranet Benchmarking Forum and delivers regular courses on intranet management and SharePoint for Melcrum Publishing. He has worked in the field of Intranets and Knowledge Management for over 14 years, with companies such as BUPA, BP, BT, HSBC and the BBC.

He currently focuses on intranet strategy, particularly for complex, international organisations; the creation of online communities and the use of collaboration and social media tools. Before founding ClearBox, he was the global intranet manager for Unilever, overseeing the launch of over 700 community sites to 95,000 users.

Presentation at Interaction 2011: Thursday, October 13th, Dual Session 2, 13.15

Subject: 10 Worst Practices for Intranets

Sam will be discussing the ten ‘worst practices’ when it comes to running your intranet. Join him as he provides practical examples of what not to do when it comes to running your company intranet, including unreliable information, poorly structured content and a weak search functionality. Discover where you have been going wrong and how you can fix it.

With Sam’s invaluable advice and experience you will be able to eradicate your intranet bad habits and begin your journey to intranet excellence.

Sam will also be a panellist at the end of day lively debate with Q&A session.

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