Use your intranet to improve business productivity

Online forms provide incredible benefits to improve business productivity. Not only do they reduce errors and frustration, improve efficiency and save money in day-to-day processes, they also draw people onto your intranet, increasing adoption and helping to get work done.

Interact’s Workflow and Forms application is very simple to use and so flexible almost any paper based process can be transformed into a slick, fully automated experience, to improve productivity across your business. Many of our customers have discovered the advantages to being able to build and report on their own online forms, here are some of the more common forms that are regularly created.

New Starters Form

Manage your new starter process from the moment you take on a new hire with a form that moves through the steps your company follows.

For example, moving from the person who made the hire, to the person who would send out the acceptance letter, HR and the IT department and then on to the new starter’s manager. You can control what information is included, making some information mandatory if it can’t be missed, or validated to reduce errors and even hidden from those without permission for fields such as bank account details.

New starter

Performance Review

Whether your performance reviews are done monthly, quarterly or yearly, building an online form for the process is simple. You can tailor the fields to suit your company’s needs.

This could be reflected in the criteria your appraise people on, the amount of information that needs to be included and the terminology that’s used.

Fields such as ‘drop-down lists’, ‘radio buttons’ and ‘dates’, ensure that the needs of your business are met in terms of the correct information being added and then reported on, making workflow and forms a huge benefit to senior management in their understanding of people’s overall progression.

performance review 2

Car Service Form

Fleet management can often be a labour and paper intensive set of processes. Bringing these processes into an online form has a lot of benefits. For example a ‘Service Request’ form will instantly record the details of the request, making a traceable workflow from the person making the request, giving them a way to find out what stage their request and subsequent service is at.

Fleet service request

You can also direct the workflow using the options on the form.

Manage service requests

In this example if the different service types were handled by different people or departments the forms flow rules could be set up to send the form to the relevant people depending on what option was selected by the user.

Story Submission

Some of our customers have struggled to get employees to engage with their intranet in the first instance. Learning to use a new technology can be overwhelming for some. To alleviate this initial stress many companies have a ‘Story Submission’ form which allows people to add the information they want to show on the intranet in the easiest way possible for the Marketing or Internal Communications team to add and make engaging.

story submission form

They can aid people in their submission by using the database fields to pull through information from Interact Inranet (and other 3rd party systems) so that fields like name and department can be prepopulated for the person submitting the story, saving them time and reducing errors.

This form can then be sent to their manager for approval using the permissions on the form to specify where the approval page of the form should go.

Your forms home

Being able to specify a role, group or department within the rules means that when people change position within the company forms don’t have to be changed as long as the organisational structure and people’s profiles are kept up to date, future proofing your forms.

Workflow and Forms is so flexible that the possibilities are endless for how it can work for your business. Try today with a free Interact Intranet trial and explore this powerful app in greater detail.