Multichannel communications: Essential for the modern enterprise

Struggling to reach your entire workforce or filter important updates so they only reach specific people on their preferred channels? If so, your organization would benefit from multichannel communication capabilties.

By using a combination of email, instant messaging platforms (such as Teams or Slack), digital signage, and mobile – all centrally managed right from your intranet – you can ensure that your desired audience receives your message loud and clear, regardless of their location, work style, or most-used channel. This not only boosts engagement and keeps everyone informed, but also helps break down information silos and foster a sense of inclusion.

Reduce distractions for employees and ensure your important communications cut through the noise, only reaching the people they’re relevant to, or deploy all-company comms across every channel to maximize engagement. A multichannel communication tool is essential in any modern enterprise, and it can make your internal communication team’s job so much easier when messages can be composed, deployed, tracked, and measured from your organization’s digital home – its intranet.

Multichannel communications: How to plan and execute a strategy

Upgrade your employee experience strategy with multichannel communications that reach every employee.