Internal Comms events you NEED to attend in 2020

Are you an Internal Comms, HR, Transformation or IT professional looking for events to attend this year? We have put together a carefully selected list of some of the best events coming up.

Are you contemplating which events you would like to attend this year? We’ve collated an exclusive list of some of the best internal communications events taking place in 2020. Whether you’re based in the UK or US, we have it covered. 

The digital workplace has enhanced organizational capabilities, but it has also increased business challenges. Lack of employee engagement, resources, and poor communication channels have created an environment where internal comms professionals need to be even more innovative and proactive if they are to maintain communication transparency, relevance and consistency. 

Developing a successful internal comms strategy can be complex, especially when you have limited resources. However, attending the right events will help you make strategic decisions, innovate new ideas and most importantly, find solutions to your problems. These, in turn, increase the long-term success of your internal communications plan. 

Advantages of attending external events: 

  • Network with industry peers and leaders 
  • Expand your knowledge, listen to advice, and find solutions
  • Professional and personal development 
  • Recruitment of talent 
  • Stay ahead of competitors 
  • Hear about the latest research 
  • Improve your interpersonal communications skills 
  • Engage in high level debates 

We have listed events in the UK and US that will be extremely useful to all internal communicators, both on a professional and personal level.

UK Internal Comms Events

  1. Intranet Planning: A framework for success 

We have been running the Intranet Planning Workshop for the last 3 years and it has become an essential part of the intranet planning process for many internal comms and intranet professionals. 

Whether you are struggling to create a business plan or trying to get your organization onboard, this workshop will provide you with skills, tools, and knowledge required to plan a launch a successful intranet.

The workshop has a great mixture of group sessions, peer-to-peer discussions, and presentations from award-winning intranet strategists. 

“The Interact planning seminars are a fantastic way to meet and help communicators who are struggling to engage their internal audiences and give them a framework for success.

Hosting them is one of the highlights of my year, as I get to speak to experts in our field outside a buying process, which means we get to focus on the theory and practice instead of the product. 

I’d recommend them to anyone starting or considering an intranet project and I guarantee attendees will leave the session more informed, educated, and prepared.”

Matt McCourty, Interact

The event will take place in both Manchester and London, event details are below:

Event Details
Date: 25th February 2020
Time: 8.30am – 12.45pm GMT
Location: Manchester

Date: 27th February 2020
Time: 8.30am – 12.45pm GMT
Location: London

2. Digital Workplace Conference 

Engage Business Media will be hosting the Digital Workplace Conference for the 4th consecutive year in London. EBM run multiple successful comms focused events and we are excited to be sponsoring the event for the first time in 2020. 

The conference provides a great mixture of speakers, case studies, and professionals. With over 150 delegates, 14 presentations, and a networking party, EBM know how to create a welcoming atmosphere and relaxed approach to learning and networking. 

The conference brings together a variety of communication and digital professionals and focuses on the discussion of key subjects within the industry.

2020 topics will include employee communication and collaboration, employee engagement, and digital workplace solutions. 

“The Digital Workplace Conference will examine in detail how the needs of our people are changing and how and where we can equip them to cater for this workplace revolution. Delegates at the conference will witness case study content from organizations already implementing digital workplace strategies to improve employee and customer engagement.” 


Event Details
Date: 12th March 2020
Location: London

Visit the conference website to find out more information.

3. 8th Annual Internal Communications Conference 

The BOC Internal Communications Conference is one of the biggest two-day retreats for IC leaders. Back for its 8th year, they have a great line up of industry expert speakers and discussion topics. The conference will bring together a diverse group of senior level comms professionals who will share valuable knowledge, insight, and experiences. 

The conference will consist of case studies, workshops, interactive roundtables, and brief informative sessions with Q&A. 

Topics that will be discussed include powerful communication strategies, IC in building a sustainable business, and communicating to an offline global business. 

“The 8thAnnual Internal Communications Conference 2020 is designed to give internal communications executives the space to think about the modern communications landscape and their place within it.” 


Event Details
Date: 25th-26th March 2020
Location: London

4. Employee Engagement Summit 

The Employee Engagement Summit is Europe’s largest employee experience event. Organised by EBM, this particular event targets a much wider audience from HR, people managers, employee experience, and internal communications professionals. The event offers insight and knowledge to a broad professional sector. 

The Summit is back for the 7th year and Interact will be sponsoring for the 3rd time in 2020 as it continually exceeds itself each year. The unique summit attracts over 700 delegates and 70 plus industry experts all sharing their achievements, experiences and expertise.

Topics will include evolution of work, employee engagement strategy and leadership, digital workplaces, and the voice of the employee.

There has never been a better time to attend the Summit, as a growing number of organizations are realizing the business benefits that accrue when they forge a link between engagement of their employees and their customers.” 


Event Details
Date: 15th May 2020
Location: London

5. SimplyIC  

SimplyIC is a two-day internal communications festival consisting of three main streams: technology, content, and change comms. The three workshops are presented by lead practitioners within the field who will build your knowledge and skills in communications. 

They have an incredible keynote speaker, ‘Sir Martin’ the Executive Chairman of S4 Capital, a digital advertising and marketing services platform. 

Attendees will have access to multiple interactive workshops, variety of great speakers, and exhibition access to leading vendors. 

“Experience best practice, learn new skills, and network with the brightest minds and leading thinkers in internal communications, employee engagement, and corporate communications.”


Event Details
Date: 18th – 19th May 2020
Time: 8.30am – 5.30pm BST
Location: London

Visit the conference website for more information. 

6. Internal Communications Conference – Real Impact, Real Results

The Internal Communications Conference organized by Global Insight Conferences is back in London for the 7th year. Interact are thrilled to be sponsoring the conference again this year and we are eager to meet the participating delegates. 

GIC always create an inspiring space for delegates to learn and network, and there’s always a fantastic selection of vendors and speakers to ensure delegates truly get the most out the conference. 

Topics include key trends, developments and the future of communications, the power of social media, and innovative internal communication trends to inspire employees and boost productivity. 

The Internal Communications conference is a one day, practitioner-led conference and networking event that will discuss the latest digital, technology, social media and channel trends to boost engagement and productivity.  The conference will provide you with unique experiences and fresh insights to revolutionize your communications function, inspire leaders and achieve measurable impact.” 


Event Details
Date: 23rd June 2020
Location: London

7. Internal Communications Conference 

Back for another year, EBM’s Internal Communications Conference. The event invites an invested and unique audience who are committed to improving their internal communications and that’s why we continue to support the conference each year. 

The conference attracts over 400 delegates and a premium range of vendors and speakers. Delegates can expect multiple topic streams, round table sessions, a networking party, and 30 presentations. 

Topics will include how technology is changing internal communications, communicating to a changing workforce, and 360-degree communications in a changing workplace. 

By attending the Internal Communications Conference, delegates will understand how internal communications can produce effective engagement among employees across the whole organisation. The key focus of the Conference will be on those organizations that are aiming for competitive advantage by perfecting their employee communications strategies”.


Event Details
Date: 18th September 2020
Location: London

Visit the conference website for more information.

8. Gartner Digital Workplace Summit 

Last years’ Digital Workplace Summit boasted an incredible 800+ delegates and 75 research-driven sessions. Gartner returns for another Summit this year, which we are certain will be just as fantastic as the last. 

Gartner’s summit is focused towards IT and digital workplace professionals who want to improve their digital strategy. Delegates will have the opportunity to network with over 20 industry experts and top vendors, whilst also getting access to the latest Gartner research. 

Topics for 2020 are still be finalized. Topics from last year included transforming the employee experience, effective program management for the digital workplace, and powering the future of work.

“Gartner Digital Workplace Summit 2019 delivered the latest thinking on accelerating workforce productivity and agility through the use of existing and emerging technologies, tools and techniques for raising employee engagement, and consumer-oriented styles for a successful digital workplace”. 


Event Details
Date: 23rd – 24th September 2020
Location: London

US Internal Comms Events

  1. 9thAnnual Internal Communications & Situational Messaging 

Marcus Evans 9th Internal Comms and Situational messaging conference will be held over two days in Phoenix. The event will consist of informative workshops and practical insights from senior-level communication experts. 

Topics discussed at the conference include developing strategies for addressing societal and political happenings, non-traditional methods to mitigate email overload, transitioning to tools with mobile functionality, and keeping pace with modern digital era. 

Marcus Evans events aim to deliver business information which will allow your organization to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage and success.

This premier Marcus Evans event will bring together the foremost leaders in Internal Communications from leading Fortune 1000 companies to explore the latest tools and tactics leveraged in deploying the strongest internal communications program that amplifies employee engagement and cultivates a strong, unified workforce.”

Marcus Evans

Event Details
Date: 19th – 20th February 2020
Location: Phoenix, AZ

2. Gartner Digital Workplace Summit 

Gartner’s Digital Workplace Summit will also be hosted in Phoenix this March. The US event offers an exclusive mix of Gartner and industry experts who will be delivering insightful sessions on the latest research and solutions to help you create a more productive workforce. 

The conference is a great place for digital workplace leaders to network with peers and gain new skills and knowledge to improve their digital strategy. 

Topics will include building employee experiences that are engaging and inclusive, shaping the future of work, and how to plan, deploy, and manage your digital workplace program. 

Join us at Gartner Digital Workplace Summit to accelerate workforce productivity and agility through technology, techniques to raise employee engagement, and consumer-oriented styles for a successful digital workplace”.


Event Details
Date: 16th – 17th March 2020
Location: Pheonix, AZ

3. Intranet Insights: Shaping your comms for 2020 

We are delighted that our Intranet Insights seminar will be returning to New York City for the 2nd year. If you want to stay ahead of competition and formulate an internal comms masterplan, this event will provide you with skills and knowledge to do so. 

The seminar is organized and hosted by our intranet experts and is designed to give you a unique opportunity to review your current communications strategy. 

Learn planning strategies from our experts and be inspired from award winning organizations to improve and craft a plan for 2020. 

The free event will allow you to network with intranet and communication professionals, learn engagement and intranet strategies, plus see real-life examples of award-winning organizations who have transformed or accelerated their comms strategies. 

Event Details
Date: 24th March 2020
Time: 9.30am – 1.45pm EDT
Location: New York City

4. Best Practices in Internal Communications & Culture Conference 

Ragan’s Internal Comms conference will be held over two and a half days with an impressive agenda of keynotes, multiple networking opportunities, interactive workshops, and peer-to-peer brainstorming sessions. 

Ragan have an exclusive speaker line up of industry leaders who have already transformed their internal comms. They will be sharing proven strategies and insights to help you improve your internal communications and meet the needs of the modern employee.

Some of the topics discussed include customizing your intranet so it caters to the needs of modern employees and crafting messaging that inspires trust in your organization’s leadership. 

Join Ragan and your industry peers for this can’t-miss conference and learn from experts who have transformed their internal communications and culture to meet the needs of modern employees and a changing business landscape”. 


Event Details
Date: 21st – 23rd April 2020
Time: 8.30am – 5pm PST
Location: California

5. IABC World Conference 

The IABC World Conference is organized for communication practitioners around the globe. The event attracts an impressive 1,000+ attendees and offers a unique opportunity to network with a diverse mix of peers. 

The conference will discuss the current challenges and opportunities faced by comms professionals and provide you with innovative ideas and tools to succeed in today’s business society. 

You will experience exceptional keynotes speeches, gaining knowledge and insight that will help you add value to your business whilst making professional connections.

“The IABC World Conference is a long-standing, global professional development event designed for communication practitioners. The only major conference of its type, the event draws over 1,000 attendees from around the world. Speakers are selected through a peer-reviewed process, with evaluations conducted by top experts in the field.”


Event Details
Date: 14th – 17th June 2020
Location: Chicago, IL