2011 Intranet Excellence Awards

The annual Intranet Excellence Awards were presented by James Robertson, MD of Step Two Designs last night at the London Intranet Conference, Interaction 2011. The lucky winners scooped some fantastic prizes for their hard work in the awards, which were divided into six categories including the overall winner of Best Intranet.

Best Intranet

Waterstone’s intranet, Compass stood out in all categories with its powerful mix of communication, collaboration and business process. The ASK HR function significantly improved efficiency in HR, the eForms enabled them to include all 3,000 employees in real time feedback and their forums help all employees share their love of books through support and sharing. Extra recognition was awarded to Waterstone’s for eradicating all emails to stores and directing them through their intranet.

Best Return on Investment

Waterstone’s were awarded first place after portraying the breadth of areas that their intranet, Compass had contributed to ROI including saving 50% through ASK HR, eliminating 200 emails a day to their ITsupport deskand replacing spread sheets with forms and workflow.

Best Intranet Winner - Waterstone's

Best Intranet Launch Strategy

UK Asset Resolution (UKAR) scooped first place due to their extensive intranet launch campaign that included pre-launch teaser campaigns and a competition to name the intranet. Their incentive of donating GBP1 to charity each time somebody completed their user profile ensured that over 1000 profiles were completed in the first week of the launch.

Best Intranet Manager

Jennifer Mills of The Mileage Company claimed the ‘Best Intranet Manager’ title due to her dedication to designing and launching their intranet, Radar. Jennifer was praised for championing the intranet as the sole tool to unite the global corporation with her efforts resulting in 98% of the 500 employees accessing the site daily, which is outstanding!

Best Employee Engagement

With operations in seven countries worldwide, Admiral were the winners due to the many features they implement to retain staff engagement, including international online chats with senior managers, an ‘Ask Henry’ widget which gives all employees the opportunity to ask questions to the CEO and their online chats with senior managers.

Best Intranet Design

Republic were awarded first prize for their distinctive looking intranet called Reptile. We were impressed with their ‘one-click’ infrastructure and the clever incorporation of the white ceramic title wall in the design, which is a prominent feature in the Republic brand. We also loved the competitive element of the departmental homepages in terms of layout, content and use of design.

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