Stress management and employee wellbeing at Acadian Companies

In this webinar we explore
  • What inspired Acadian's wellness programme
  • Ways the intranet supports the wellbeing of Acadian's 5000+ employees
  • How the wellness strategy evolved during the pandemic
  • Inspirational tips on how you can improve or kick-start your strategy

We’re working longer hours than ever before. With over 83% of US employees suffering from work-related stress every year and 67% of people saying they have experienced increased stress over the course of the pandemic, how do we contain, manage, and even reduce this workplace safety issue?

Watch this exclusive conversation on stress in the workplace and employee wellbeing with Beth Chiasson, Intranet and Employee Engagement Strategist at Acadian Companies.

In this webinar, Beth takes us through Acadian’s wellness programme and discuss how they help their frontline workers and staff remain fit, well, and supported.

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