Modern intranet planning: What it takes for 2022

In this webinar we explore
  • Defining your vision and objectives
  • Putting employees at the heart of your strategy
  • Identifying business focused, enabling feature requirements
  • Where to start now to get it right in 2022

Whatever your reason for planning a new intranet project, designing a platform capable of giving employees an outstanding digital experience can be daunting.

With advice from the experts though, you can learn how to focus on user needs and business objectives, secure resources, and build adoption across your organization.

Join us for part two of our intranet best practices series, as we invite our award-winning intranet strategists to discuss how to plan a modern intranet in the current business environment. Learn from their decades of experience as they discuss how to plan for a human-centric intranet, from mapping your intranet objectives to key business goals and drivers, to gathering requirements, gaining stakeholder buy-in, and beyond.

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