Life beyond SharePoint – Choosing an intranet for the EX era

In this webinar we explore
  • The cost myths associated with SharePoint intranets
  • AI and CMS features that help you connect and engage with every employee, including frontline workers 
  • Personalization features for enriching EX
  • Measuring and monitoring the impact of your communications
  • Integration considerations outside of Microsoft 365 

SharePoint may seem like a safe, familiar choice for your new intranet – after all, it’s from Microsoft and comes as part of most M365 subscriptions. Yet, in this age of employee experience (EX), your intranet should serve as the home of the digital workplace, and M365 is just one component of that. 

With alternative solutions consolidating your tech stack and acting as efficiency-boosting employee portals that integrate with M365, Google Workspace, and other digital workplace suites, it’s worth exploring outside of the SharePoint silo  

In this webinar, Interact’s Haydn Smith, Enterprise Account Director will help you evaluate what’s truly right for your business, highlighting SharePoint’s pros and cons, and providing an in-depth feature analysis against competing intranet platforms

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