Key characteristics of a great intranet manager

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In this webinar we explore
  • Skills required to plan, operate and improve a successful digital workplace
  • Characteristics of award-winning intranet managers that are getting it right
  • Unique, day to day challenges faced by the managers themselves
  • Tips on how you can guarantee intranet success and become a recognised expert

There’s content to post, permissions to manage, questions to field. Plus, there’s always today’s crisis: getting an urgent message out, fixing a broken widget, updating the CEO’s profile picture; whatever it may be.

At Interact, our team of project managers and strategists work with hundreds of intranet managers to assist them in their individual challenges to connect and inform their workforce.

We have found that regardless of industry or organization size, there are common characteristics and skills between those on the front line.

This webinar discovers the key characteristics of a great intranet manager.

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