Is SharePoint the best choice for a modern intranet?

We understand that when looking for a new intranet, IT professionals gravitate towards Microsoft SharePoint as the immediate answer. And why not? After all, it’s from Microsoft and as part of most M365 subscriptions, surely it’s the best choice, right? Well not always…

In this exclusive webinar, we discuss the pros and cons of defaulting to SharePoint and help you evaluate what is truly right for your business.

Interact’s CSO, Scott Hitchins, outlines challenges facing modern communicators and provide in-depth feature analysis against modern intranet requirements including:

  • Crafting engaging content with a CMS
  • Connecting with frontline workers
  • Personalizing communications for different users
  • Measuring and monitoring internal comms
  • Integrations outside of Microsoft 365

If you or your organization need information on whether a SharePoint intranet is still right for your internal comms in a changing world, then this webinar is for you.

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