Intranets to the rescue: Engaging your remote workforce

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In this webinar we explore
  • Top challenges facing remote workers today
  • Remote worker engagement best practices
  • Using your intranet to close the gap between your remote workforce
  • Real life examples of companies with remote worker strategies that win
  • How to identify and reduce risks to implementing a remote workforce strategy

Remote working, telecommuting, flexible working – thanks to the wonders of technology, we are increasingly finding ways to get the job done. And the trend is not slowing down, with Gallup predicting that 50% of the US workforce will be remote by 2020.

But remote working is not all fun and games.

Some of the biggest obstacles to remote working are the lack of community and a disconnect from company culture. There are less opportunities to collaborate with peers, and a lack of visibility of the overall business direction.

Watch our latest webinar where you’ll learn how to use your intranet to engage and maximise the productivity of your remote workforce and combat these common challenges.

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