Intranets, are they still relevant? With ClearBox Consulting

In this webinar we explore
  • The latest tech innovations in 2022’s digital workplace
  • How intranets have evolved to support the new ways of work
  • Modern features and functionality that make the most impact
  • Top tips to facilitate user adoption of your investments

Do you know your DEX from your EXPs? Is your digital workplace filled with software that promises to connect and engage employees but doesn’t positively impact your eNPS?

If you’re confused by the current state of workplace technologies, you’re not alone. Communicators adapting to new ways of working are having to navigate a boom in buzzwords and products that have added extra confusion to their drive to construct great digital workplaces.

To help you make sense of the landscape in 2022, we’re joined by Suzie Robinson from ClearBox Consulting. Widely respected for their annual Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms Report, ClearBox is a leading independent consultancy focused on making work better and more productive.

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