Why you probably have a strong business case for a new intranet in 2022

In this webinar we explore
  • How modern technology has adapted to tackle new challenges
  • Digital friction: what it is and how it can destroy your employee experience
  • User centric thinking: why it matters and questions to consider
  • How a modern digital workplace gives you a competitive advantage, attracts talent and retains employees in a world during and after the pandemic

Hybrid working and the rapid evolution of the way we work has highlighted many new challenges for communicators.

In the face of these challenges, existing and emerging technology naturally adapts to support the new way of working, and to keep businesses running as efficiently as possible.

Many communicators understand the importance of implementing the right tech to maintain effective communication and promote a positive workplace culture, but need help solidifying a case. If that sounds like you, then join this exclusive webinar.

This webinar is part one of our Intranet Best Practices series. We are joined by Scott Fulton, Director at Digital Rebels. Scott gives his expert insights on why there is an urgent need for organizations to consider the whole digital employee experience if they are to remain competitive and grow, and how to put employee needs at the heart of a business case.

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