Internal Comms ideas your employees will love

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In this webinar we explore
  • How to use external marketing tactics to make your IC more effective
  • Why user-generated content amplifies trust in your internal marketing efforts.
  • How to use the psychological power of storytelling to spark emotion and bring your message to life
  • How to use gamification to make your IC efforts go viral among your employees
  • How to make a dry subject more readable with timely piggyback marketing
  • The role tone of voice plays in keeping your content engaging

Competition is fierce, and getting people to hear, see, and remember your message in the midst of all that noise can be daunting– even when that message is an internal one. How can you make an impact when budgets are tight and you’re already competing for attention?

We’ve taken a look at some successful external and internal marketing campaigns and compiled some internal comms ideas that will make your employees sit up and take notice.

In this new webinar, we’ll walk you through the various ways you can spruce up your internal comms and ensure your message gets heard!

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