How to conquer your next change communication challenge

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In this webinar we explore
  • How to analyze impacts and learn what employees need
  • How to create meaningful messages that build buy-in
  • The best methods for sharing information, encouraging dialogue and preparing employees to take action
  • How technology can help enable change communication

“The only constant in life is change.” – Heraclitus, ancient Greek philosopher 2,500 years later, this phrase feels even more pertinent now than ever.

As we head into the middle of 2021, businesses around the world continue to adapt: changing work arrangements, dealing with supply chain challenges and demand fluctuations, and managing through economic uncertainty.

What makes change communication so challenging? Project teams get mired in detail, leaders are eager to communicate early, and employees end up confused and anxious.

This exclusive webinar invites Cheryl Ross, senior project director at Davis & Company, to help with communication tips and tricks that will make your next change management project a breeze. You’ll learn how to guide employees through uncertainty, so they understand what they need to do differently.

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