Finding gold among your people: A treasure map to increasing employee engagement

In this webinar we explore
  • How to use analytics to find your most engaged employees
  • How to get influential employees to encourage intranet usage
  • How to build and foster community group collaboration
  • The provision of easy content production tools that empower any author to produce remarkable intranet content

As a communicator, imagine working with colleagues so passionate about your company that they go and raise employee engagement on your behalf? Perhaps they’re there, waiting, but you either haven’t identified them or they don’t feel comfortable creating messages of their own yet.

Key individuals who have the backing of their peers are trusted voices who hold power within your organization; they can help to inspire change and communicate important messages in an authentic, personable way.

These people could be the key to not only boosting engagement but also creating a culture of communication within your business.

In our exclusive webinar, Interact’s Engagement Specialist, Beth Chiasson, will outline how you can find gold among your people, turning internal influencers into internal authors and giving them the tools to create and spread engaging resources.

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