Building a positive company culture using communication & technology

In this webinar we explore
  • How Freedom Forever’s first ever culture committee was formed
  • Using the power of story to improve company culture
  • Using technology to embed culture across a dispersed workforce
  • Engaging employees who are worn down from poor communication
  • Tips and ideas you can implement straight away

The cost of disengaged employees in the US is a staggering $450-500 billion each year.

For global enterprises, and those with a mix of in-office and remote workers, how do you keep culture at the forefront, and make sure employees are happy and motivated at work?

Effective internal communications can transform your business culture, and the way people connect with the workplace, and each other.

Watch this exclusive webinar with Denise Shields, Communications and Engagement Manager at Freedom Forever. Denise is an award-winning content creator who uses the power of story to build cultures, inspire individuals and motivate employees.

Passionate about making sure people enjoy their life at work, Denise has revitalized culture at Freedom Forever, introducing a Culture Committee to create fresh ideas and inspiration to keep their 2,200+ workforce engaged, happy and motivated.

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