5 charms to build an engaged workforce

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In this webinar we explore
  • The five charms you can focus on today to improve your employee experience
  • The intranet features you can use to underpin healthy employee engagement
  • Why 2022 will require a greater focus on our employees than ever before
  • How to empower employees to be their authentic self in the modern workplace

Does your employee experience conjure disenchantment and despair? The pandemic has ushered in changes to the working world at an unprecedented rate. People are more acutely aware of their relationship to work – with happiness, wellbeing and purpose topping the priorities list.

In this webinar we explore, 5 spellbindingly good tricks that will enhance the employee experience within your workplace. We’ll get to the bones of how to build a positively engaged workforce and a thriving culture.

Throughout this webinar, we cover tips to utilize your digital workplace to help you avoid the “double, double toil and trouble” of employee churn.

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