Supported Services Policy

Last updated: June 05th, 2021

Schedule 1: Support Services Policy

The Supplier shall provide Support Services in accordance with the terms of this policy, the terms of which may be amended by Supplier from time to time. Supplier offers three levels of support: Silver, Gold and Platinum, the details of which can be found here. All terms and conditions of this document shall apply to all levels of Support Services required.


“Service Release” means a progression of the 1st or 2nd digit of the version release number in a four point version control system (e.g., v7.1 to v7.2). A Service Release provides significant improvements and includes changes to the basic structure of the Solution, including, by way of example only, the inclusion of additional features, functionality, and corrections to defects in the Solution.

“Maintenance Release” means a progression of the 3rd digit of the version release number in a four point version control system (e.g., v7.1.1.0 to v7.1.2.0). A Maintenance Release provides corrections to defects within the Solution, and may provide minor improvements to the Solution.

“Critical Release” means a progression of the 4th digit of the version release number in a four point version control system (e.g., v7.1.1.0 to v7.1.1.1). A Critical Release provides corrections to essential defects in the Solution, including by way of example only, fixes for a security vulnerability or a Solution stability problem, and may provide minimal modifications that do not substantially change the basic structure of the Solution.

“Cloud Release” means any progression or Update, of Supplier’s Hosted Service (“Private Cloud Solution”), and does not include version release numbers.

“General Release” means any Service Release, Maintenance Release or Critical Release.

“Update” means a patch, including Maintenance Releases and Critical Releases, issued by Supplier.

“Documentation” in this Schedule refers to any user guides, technical guides, release notes or supporting information within Supplier’s Online Community.

“Developer Platform” refers to the framework in which Customers can make permitted changes to the Solution.

“Customisations” means approved changes made to features of the Solution by Supplier on behalf of the customer.


Subject to Section 9, Interact shall provide Support Services for the latest two Service Releases. Cloud Releases are supported for the Subscription Term.


“Support Services” shall be defined as:

1. Support for all technical issues relating to the use of the Solution (including errors or problems with the Solution, issues during setup and assistance understanding specific features) via:

  • online (via
  • phone
  • email sent to

2. all Releases and Cloud Releases as they become available.


Supplier is not obligated to provide Support Services for errors or problems caused by the following:

  1. third-party components or scripts not provided by Interact or contemplated within the Documentation;
  2. any modifications to the Solution not authorised by or carried out by the Supplier;
  3. any custom code introduced by the Customer as part of the Developer Platform.
  4. Customisations undertaken by anyone other than Supplier on behalf of the Customer.
  5. use of the Service other than as described in the documentation provided by Supplier; or
  6. continued use of a General Release of the Service for which Support Services are no longer provided in accordance with Section 2 above.


Customer agrees to provide Supplier with all information and materials reasonably requested by Supplier for use in replicating, diagnosing and correcting an error or other support issue with the Solution reported by Customer.

Customer acknowledges that Supplier’s ability to provide satisfactory Support Services is dependent on Supplier having the information necessary to replicate the reported problem with the Service. In submitting a service ticket to Supplier, Customer will send a complete and accurate report that includes (a) Customer name and on-site technical contact information; (b) version and maintenance release level of the Service(c) a reasonably detailed description of the request, together with any supporting information that Customer believes will assist Supplier in its diagnostic process; (d) any error message(s) or other message(s) generated by the system in association with the request; (e) any applicable trace files and/or logs; (f) a test case or instructions necessary to demonstrate the request; (g) the date and time that the Service Ticket is submitted to Supplier. Customer acknowledges that the implementation of a General Releases provided by Supplier may be necessary to ensure the proper operation of the Solution. Supplier shall not have obligations under Support Services to remedy issues that will be fixed by implementation of that General Release other than by implementation of said General Release.


The customer may create a Service Ticket by any of the following methods: (a) online at the following URL: (“Online Community”), (b) email at or (c) phone at (646) 564 5775 US (0)161 927 3223 UK.


Support Services will be provided for the term set forth on the relevant Sales Agreement. Any termination of the Software As A Service Support and Hosting Agreement between Supplier and the Customer will automatically terminate these Support Services.

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