Personalization: How Interact’s latest product release is catering to changing ways of working

Interact’s latest product release launches some brand-new features designed to help build a more informed, engaged workforce in a world that is becoming more dispersed and digitalized.

The latest update focus on personalization, and creating a more customized digital workplace where users choose and receive information that is tailored and relevant to them.

Interact CMO, Scott Hitchins, comments, “The past twelve months have seen great change in our workplaces, as the impact of the pandemic looks to permanently shape how we work. As we move with these times, it’s critical that our intranet software complements these new ways of working.”

The latest update introduces Topics a brand-new set of features which enhance the user experience. With an employee-first approach, intranet software has never been more agile and adaptable to the needs of the workforce.

Customized content: Topics allow employees to select the subjects they’re interested in and dynamically fine-tune their homepage content.

Takes out the guesswork: Interact’s unique AI-based recommendation engine automatically suggests Topics to help employees discover new content.

Manage Topics: The powerful dashboard provides an easy bird’s eye view of all Topics and subscribers for enterprise administrators.

Find out more about our personalization features here.

Content management

In a remote and more dispersed work environment, delivering relevant comms to employees is essential. In order to maintain that all-important engagement, you need to be able to deliver news, info and updates that are personalized and tailored to their needs.

Audience targeting: Selectively alert different audiences with custom messaging when new or updated content has been published.

Classifications: Assigning content to predefined internal classifications makes it easier to find and highlight content.

Confidentiality rating: Provide company-wide confidentiality ratings to pages to ensure readers are aware of content sensitivity.

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