Introducing Digital Signage

Interact is proud to announce our latest feature; Digital Signage, helping communications teams unlock their intranet content to reach every employee.

Our mission

Interact’s mission is to ‘Inform and connect every organization’s greatest asset; its people’. This long-standing aim was deliberately conceived to align with the goals of every communication team; to improve communications, and to increase engagement.  

But we understand that it’s a constant challenge to reach every employee. Millions of staff operate globally without regular access to laptops or smartphones.

These offline workers are a valuable part of every team, yet internal communicators have traditionally struggled to maintain engagement with certain departments.

Reaching these employees is about to get easier.

Welcome to the modern intranet

Interact is the first vendor to bring native Digital Signage technology into our intranet software platform. This is part of our ongoing strategy of providing enterprise multichannel messaging and measurement to communications teams to increase employee reach.

This revolutionary technology makes it effortless for communications teams to unlock their intranet content and display it across screens throughout their organization, driving engagement.

With features such as Channels for driving content relevancy and built-in analytics including native QR codes for tracking conversions, communicators can take advantage of this powerful new medium to help connect with their offline employees.

From deploying change and crisis comms to driving engagement, sharing insights and celebrating success, Digital Signage helps to keep everyone connected and informed, regardless of how or where they work.

Find out more about how Digital Signage can help your organization reach every employee.