ClearBox Consulting has named Interact as an “Intranet Choice” for 2024. Interact has been highlighted in the independent digital workplace consultancy’s annual Intranets and Employee Experience Platforms report, a go-to resource that lays out top options for businesses considering new intranet software. 

ClearBox Consulting has released its Intranets and Employee Experience Platforms V3.0 report, and we are pleased to announce that Interact has been chosen as a top intranet option for 2024.  

ClearBox, a trusted, independent digital workplace consultancy, is made up of experts who specialize in intranets and their implementation, and the report is one of the most highly anticipated in the sector due to its comprehensive view of the intranet landscape.

Each year, the report identifies the top products businesses should consider when searching for an intranet. Of the 20 products that received detailed reviews in this year’s report, only seven, including Interact, received ClearBox’s “Intranet Choice” designation,” which signifies that they’re the top-performing options on the market and deserve strong consideration. 

Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms 2024

Discover why ClearBox Consulting has named Interact as one of the best intranets of 2024.

This year will be a key one for organizations grappling with increased employee expectations, a demand for personalized content and experiences, and the ever-present question of how to best harness generative AI as a workplace tool. At Interact, we believe that the right intranet solution can help businesses meet all these challenges and more, and we’re proud to be on a list of top options that will help them do so. 

Interact CEO Simon Dance said: 

Interact is thrilled to have been selected as a top intranet choice for 2024. ClearBox’s team are industry experts who truly understand the ins and outs of intranets and the digital workplace landscape, so it’s an honor to be recognized in their most recent report. Everyone at Interact has worked hard to develop a best-of-breed product that helps enterprises drive unparalleled employee engagement. It’s wonderful to see that recognized by a panel of independent reviewers and with feedback from users. 

Simon Dance

What ClearBox had to say about Interact: 

As part of the review process, intranets and employee experience platforms were assessed based on their performance in eight different scenarios: 

  • User Experience & Visual Appeal 
  • Publishing & Communications Management 
  • Community & Engagement 
  • Integrations & Services 
  • Information Finding & Search 
  • Administrator Experience 
  • Analytics 
  • Mobile & Frontline Support  

In addition to grades in each of the above scenarios, platforms were also evaluated on other factors, including price point, customer feedback, and overall capabilities. This provided an extensive look at each product’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Their experience in the intranet market is clear to see in this feature-rich, user-friendly platform. Interact is an attractive standalone product that offers strong functionality across the board.

ClearBox Consulting on Interact

ClearBox’s experts also described Interact as “an attractive, well-established product packed with powerful features to meet the needs of a diverse workforce.” 

The 30+ pages of the report dedicated to Interact’s capabilities highlighted the factors that went into ClearBox’s evaluation, including ratings, screenshots, customer quotes, technical details, and more.  

Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms 2024

Discover why ClearBox Consulting has named Interact as one of the best intranets of 2024.

When summarizing Interact’s performance, reviewers called out several strengths, including our industry-leading content management system, the powerful block editor, Interact’s effective cross-channel content promotion and employee advocacy tools, and thoughtful use of generative AI. They also mentioned that its advanced content creation and audience targeting features will be especially appealing for complex organizations that need to reach and engage a wide variety of workers. 

Read more of what ClearBox had to say about Interact here

About ClearBox Consulting

ClearBox Consulting Ltd. is a specialist independent consultancy that can help make the workplace a better and more productive experience. ClearBox is run by Sam Marshall, former Global Intranet Manager for Unilever, staff, and a network of skilled associates who all have hands-on experience with the realities of introducing intranet change into organizations. 

About Interact

Interact supplies over 1,000 organizations with an award-winning employee experience platform that boosts productivity and drives engagement. Through enterprise-grade intranet software and decades of expertise, Interact provides Fortune 500, FTSE 250, and globally recognized brands such as Levi Strauss & Co., Domino’s, and Teva Pharmaceuticals with a powerful way to inform and connect their greatest asset: their people. 

Interact has offices in Manchester and New York, and operates across the whole of the US and Canada, EMEA, and Australia. 

Intranet and Employee Experience Platforms 2024

Discover why ClearBox Consulting has named Interact as one of the best intranets of 2024.